Whether for a small romantic ceremony or a large wedding, your wedding day is organized and proceeds in the same way.

You will find here, in detail, how your wedding day will go. This program is based on standard weddings, but we can modify this structure at your request and according to your needs.

8am: Decoration.

Our decoration team arrives on site to install the various decoration items and to prepare the floral arrangements. We first install the structures like the arch and the lights.

Then in a corner in the shade we prepare the flower arrangements which will stay cool and installed one hour before the ceremony to prevent the flowers from wilting.

11am: Rehearsal.

If you want to rehearse to be more comfortable during the ceremony, it is possible but if you want a more natural and improvised ceremony the rehearsal can be canceled.

We rehearse in the presence of: the bride and groom, the bridesmaids and the groomsman and, if their presence is scheduled during the ceremony, the parents of the grooms, the coordinator.

The rehearsal allows us above all to: Adjust the placements of each person, set the timing of the music of the brides and bridesmaids and groomsmen but also to put you in confidence for the real ceremony.

Wedding arch and flowers setup

12pm: Lunch.

A good light lunch before starting a long afternoon and evening is essential. The preparation of the bride can start from 1 p.m.


1pm: Preparation of the bride.

Arrival of the makeup and hairstyling team and the photo and video team. The bride must now lock herself in her room with her bridesmaids to start makeup, hairstyling, etc.

The photo / video team begins to take pictures of the place, the decoration, various objects such as wedding rings, shoes, dresses, costumes, etc.

Bride preparation with bridesmaid

2pm: Preparation of the groom.

The groom and groomsmen must be present for the arrival of the guests to welcome them. We will also be there to welcome guests with you.


3pm: Arrival of guests.

Guests arrive either by themselves or through our taxi service. While waiting for the ceremony we open the bar and serve refreshments.

Balinese usher welcoming guests

4.30pm: Guests are seated

The decoration is now complete at the ceremony, all the flowers are in place, we invite the guests to sit for the ceremony.

Our team will now finish decorating the dinner place.

The bride and the bridesmaids are ready to go in their room.

The groom and the groomsmen are in place under the arch for the arrival of the bride. It is also possible that the boys make their entry before that of the bride.


4.45pm: Beginning of the ceremony.

The ceremony is divided into 5 parts:

-The music starts, the bride and bridesmaid make their entrance.

-The celebrant opens the ceremony with a welcome speech

- Family members give a speech.

-The bride and groom exchange their vows.

-The bride and groom exchange their promise

-The bride and groom exchange their rings

-The priest concludes.

-The bride, groom and witnesses sign the certificate.

-The music of the finale starts, the guests form a guard of honor in the aisle to throw rose petals.

Bride and father going down the aisle

5.30pm: Photos.

Right after the ceremony, we give you 5-10 minutes for your family and friends before we get to the photos. First we take the group photos with the bride and groom in front of the arch, then the whole group photo and finally some romantic photos of the couple during the sunset.

Romantic wedding photoshoot

6pm: Cocktail / Aperitif.

We open the bar and guests can drink the cocktails of your choices and enjoy canapes. The group or the DJ starts to play.


7:30 to 10pm: Dinner

The guests are seated and we begin to serve while the group continues to play.

During the dinner, a variety of events can be planned such as: speeches, games, dance performances, video projection, etc.

Wedding dinner table

9 p.m. to 12am: We celebrate!

The DJ or the group turn up the volume, the guests dance and it’s at that moment that we can finish with a release of lanterns or fireworks, cutting the cake or throwing the bridal bouquet .

Lantern release during wedding
wedding fireworks