This page is dedicated to explain you the procedure to organize your wedding in Bali. You can find here, in detail, each stage of the organization, the costs, the places and the different services offered:

When to get married in Bali:
  Our wedding ceremonies take place at the end of the day around 4 p.m. to avoid the harsh heat of the afternoon.

We recommend weddings during the dry season, in Bali, the weather is good from April to November. The rainy season generally begins at the end of October and lasts until the end of March.

May to June: It's the dry season, it's sunny and hot.
July to September: It's windy season, the weather is good and the temperature drops at night. The cool breeze is sometimes accompanied by light rains.
September to November: It's the dry season, it's very hot and heavy.
November to April: The heavy rain, often in the evening and at night, means that we do not advise to organize an outdoor wedding at this time

High and low tourist season: The high seasons when most tourists flock to Bali are in July and August and for Christmas and New Year's Day. During these periods, villas and hotels are more expensive and traffic in tourist areas is more difficult. It’s also a time when plane tickets can be more expensive.

We therefore recommend choosing to get married preferably in May, June, September and October outside school holidays.
Otherwise the Easter and All Saints school holidays are the best options, plane tickets to Bali are cheaper at these times.

How to get married in Bali

How to come to Bali:
  The fastest flights to Denpasar (Bali) from Europe are from Paris and Amsterdam via Air France / KLM. After a twelve hour flight, the trip included a one hour technical stop in Singapore and a three hour flight to Bali.

Flights via the Arabian Peninsula are as fast and cheaper, you can fly from Paris and Nice via Qatar Airways or Emirates or Turkish Airlines.

Where to get married in Bali:
  To celebrate your wedding we offer several types of place:

Villa: This is the simplest and most flexible solution for your wedding. We have a selection of villas of all types and for all budgets with different views of the sea or rice fields or even at the top of a cliff.

Privatized outdoor venue: We offer privatized venues for your wedding outside of a hotel or villa. We can offer to privatize a beach or cliff for a few hours for the ceremony, followed by dinner in a restaurant or in your villa.

Hotels: We do not recommend weddings in large hotels where the conditions are too restrictive and the rates excessive compared to the service offered. You will not be able to choose your custom decoration, the hotels do not accept outside caterers. Some hotels charge extra if you choose outside suppliers. And often the noise conditions are very restrictive.
However, we work with beautiful, more flexible small hotels.

Churches and chapels: The latter are rather reserved for legal or religious marriages.

How to get married in Bali Catering

Or reside during your stay:
  The large tourist area of ​​Bali is located in the south of the island around the airport. Most of our weddings are famous in this area but to be more precise in Seminyak, Canggu and the Bukit area.
  We can of course organize your reservations for your entire stay in Bali however you can book by yourself by following these different recommended areas:

Kuta: The Kuta area is located north of Denpasar Airport, it is the most touristic area of ​​the island very popular with Australians. The biggest clubs.

Seminyak / Kerobokan: Just north of Kuta, Seminyak is the heart of tourism in Bali, it is where the majority of expatriates reside (with Canggu) and where most European tourists start their stay in Bali. Here you will find beautiful hotels and beautiful villas, the most chic restaurants, bars and clubs on the island. With its central position between Kuta and Canggu it is the best area for your stay

Canggu: This area in the North West of Seminyak concentrates a young tourism, the area has been very dynamic in recent years with many clubs and restaurants and beautiful and large beaches. It is a great place for a wedding, the villas are cheaper than in Seminyak and often have beautiful views towards the rice fields or the sea.

Jimbaran / Uluwatu: This area south of the airport is where most of the big hotels are and where 90% of our weddings are celebrated. You will find splendid beaches overhung by cliffs. We have several magnificent ceremonial places overlooking the sea to offer. It’s also a nice area to spend your vacation.

Ubud: Located further inland, the city of Ubud is a good choice if you want a quieter area and a “greener” wedding in a beautiful garden surrounded by greenery and with a beautiful view of a rice field.

Gili and Nusa Lembongan: We also organize weddings outside Bali on the Gili and Nusa Lembongan islands for heavenly ceremonies on a white sand beach. The Gili Islands are accessible by speed boat from Bali or also via Lombok Airport (Mataram), there is a half day trip from Bali to Gili.
The island of Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida are located only 30 minutes by speed boat from Bali.

map of bali for weddings
wedding map bali

How much does it cost?
  Whether it's a small intimate ceremony or a wedding with great pomp, prices can vary between 500 euros and go beyond 20,000 euros. We organize tailor-made weddings according to each client and their needs, but here are the most frequent examples we meet

Small ceremony for 2 to 6 people: It takes between 500 and 1500 euros. A small ceremony includes:
-Decoration and flowers (flowery arch, altar, Balinese parasols, bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for Monsieur).
- The privatization of the place of the ceremony (beach, cliff, rice field, waterfall, etc.).
-The ceremoniant or priest.
-The wedding photographer.
-Makeup and hairstyle.
- Transportation by private car
-A small romantic dinner on the beach

Ceremony and dinner for 10 to 20 people: It takes between 2000 and 5000 euros depending on the different options. This solution includes:
-Decoration and flowers (flower arch, altar, Balinese parasols, bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for Monsieur, chairs for guests, carpet of flowers, decoration of the table for dinner).
- The privatization of the place of the ceremony (beach, cliff, rice field, waterfall, etc.).
-The ceremoniant or priest.
-The photographer and the wedding video.
-Makeup and hairstyle.
-Transportation by private car of the grooms and all the guests.
-A dinner with a decorated table in a restaurant, on the beach or in your villa thanks to a chef who will cook at home.

Large wedding for 30 to 60 people: In this case, it is necessary to count between 6000 and 20,000 euros depending on the different services, the place, etc.
In the case of a large wedding, the choice of location can represent 50% of the budget.
Here are the services often chosen by the majority of our customers:
-The location: A beautiful villa for a wedding must be booked for a minimum of two nights and there is also an additional fee for wedding costs which is often counted as an extra night.
-The caterer (table service or buffet.)
-Bar service including all drinks and wines
-Decoration and flowers (flower arch, altar, Balinese parasols, bouquet for the bride and buttonhole for Monsieur, decoration of the dinner tables)
-Dinner lighting
-The ceremoniant or priest.
-The photographer and the wedding video.
-The makeup and hairstyle of the bride and the bridesmaids
-Transport of all guests from their villas or hotels, round trip
-The sound system and the generator.
-Animations (music group, DJ, Balinese dances, fireworks, release of lanterns, etc.)

Wedding in Bali couple praying

Legal, religious marriage or symbolic ceremony?
Legal marriages for foreigners or tourists are not possible in Indonesia, here are the only cases where we can make a legal marriage:
- One of the spouses has had an address in Indonesia for at least 2 months.
- One of the spouses has Indonesian nationality.

With regard to religious marriages, in Indonesia, the law obliges both spouses to have the same religion and it is first necessary to celebrate the religious marriage before being able to register the civil marriage.

In order to be able to celebrate a religious marriage, we will ask you to provide an identity document, a document certifying your religion and an authorization from your parish or mosque authorizing you to marry abroad.

-Islamic marriage: Islamic marriages can be celebrated at the same time as a civil marriage by an Imam.
- Catholic weddings: Catholic weddings are celebrated by Catholic priests and only and necessarily in a Catholic church
- Protestant weddings: Protestant weddings can be celebrated everywhere.
The different services:
We can organize your wedding from A to Z with our suppliers and partners with whom we have been working for years, however you can also hire us only for certain services and choose by yourself certain providers.

If you are planning a big wedding, we can, of course, prepare everything remotely thanks to emails and especially to WhattsApp. But it is also possible to come and meet us in Bali to prepare the latter. We can then, with you, visit the different places of ceremony, visit the villas for you and your guests, choose and taste the different menus of our caterers, see all the details of the decoration and of course get to know!

You can find a non-exhaustive list of our different services:

wedding in bali bride and groom