The wedding of Julie and Brice in Tabanan, Bali

A luxury wedding for this group of friends coming straight from Marseille. With a custom made decoration in a magnificent villa by the sea with access to a deserted beach and a charming couple, one of our most beautiful designer wedding.

One and a half hour from the tourist center of Bali, in the Tabanan region in the southwest of the island is one of the most beautiful place in Bali to celebrate a wedding. This 6 bedroom villa, between the sea and the rice fields, has a large garden with swimming pool facing the Indian Ocean and looking towards the sunset. But above all a private path to the beach below gives access to a deserted beach which leaves the option of either celebrating the wedding in the garden or on the beach.

The preparation of this wedding took more than 18 months to be organized to the letter, with many exchanges with the family of the bride and groom in France through internet of course, but also with many visits to Bali to visit the different venues, plan the decoration , test the different caterers and even audition the musicians.

The ceremony took place on a superb sunny day in August 2019. We always recommend the July-August season for our weddings, it is the coolest season in Bali thanks to a light breeze. In order to be sure that everything was ready on time, we started assembling the decoration the day before the ceremony, to finish the same day and be ready on time at 4 p.m. The fresh flowers were prepared in an air-conditioned room and installed at the last minute to avoid the sun as much as possible.

The entire decoration has been divided into three areas: -The area at the entrance for the arrival of guests with a path lined with umbrellas and traditional Balinese flags, the welcome panel, and 2 young Balinese girls in traditional dress to welcome guests and serve refreshments.

-The area to the left of the swimming pool where we installed the arch, a 3x3m structure covered with white flowers and white curtains, framed by white flags with a big heart made of flowers in the background. All the structure was mounted on a white laminated wooden floor.

-The dining area was under a wooden structure covered with white veils and light garlands, with an arch of white flowers at the entrance with the table placement panel. Then right next to it, the bar, the dance floor and the stage for the band.

After the rehearsal of the ceremony with the bride, groom, the witnesses and the close family followed by a lunch prepared by the cook of the villa. The day really started with the preparation of the bride in the master bedroom with her bridesmaids. Our hair and makeup team took care of the bride and the bridesmaids.

At 3 p.m., the groom and his groomsmen were ready to welcome guests from their hotel located a few minutes from the villa thanks to our taxi service. Then they could enjoy the villa and the bar while waiting for the beginning of the ceremony at 4 p.m.

4:00 p.m .: Beginning of the wedding ceremony, the guests are seated, the acoustic live band starts to play for the entry of the bridesmaids first then of the bride on her father's arm. Then the ceremony continues with: - A word of welcome from the celebrant. -A speech by family members. -The exchange of vows. -Exchange of promise and rings -The conclusion by the officiant and the signing of wedding certificates.

5.30pm: After a photo session on the beach with the bride and groom and the family, we opened the bar, served cocktails and canapes while the band started to launch a more festive atmosphere. Until 7 p.m. we were able to open the sheet that hid the dinner installation to surprise the guests.

The dinner started with a performance of traditional Balinese dances and was then animated by several interventions and speeches by the friends of the newlyweds.

The evening ended in awe-inspiring manner with: -A release of Chinese lanterns. -A superb fireworks. -The wedding cake. -A video projection on the giant screen prepared by the groomsmen. -And to finish the evening our DJ set the mood until 2am. -Our taxi service then brought all the guests back to their hotel while some guests stayed at the villa to party until the early hours of the morning.

Below you will find all the photos of this beautiful and intense day.

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